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Dr.Amitha Jocie Mundenchira

Mississauga, ON,Canada

I am a 21 year old female.  I moved to Canada in July 2015 for higher studies.  I have never had health problems before – my immigration blood tests and checkup were normal.  Since January, I have developed many problems.  My periods have become irregular – sometimes, it is delayed by 2 weeks.  I am not sexually active.  My skin has more pimples.  I am also getting unusual thick hair in different parts of my body.  I know my eating and sleeping habits have been bad due to university workload; I have gained about 20 pounds since I arrived in Canada.  Being an international student, I will be charged for visits to the doctor’s office; I will get reimbursed later.  But, I wanted to ask your opinion first.  Should I worry? :-Ms. Irregular

Dear Ms. Irregular,
Based on the history that you have provided me with, I believe that you have a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).  It results from a hormonal imbalance causing more male hormone production in females.  Weight gain tends to unmask this genetic or hereditary tendency.  A lot of women with PCOS have family history of and are at risk for the following:
. Menstrual disorders
. Infertility
. Obesity and metabolic syndrome
. Diabetes
In order to make a definitive diagnosis, you would require bloodwork and ultrasound especially to rule out iron deficiency and thyroid disorders.  However, since you had a normal bloodwork before moving to Canada, it is not urgent.  Most cases of PCOS unmasked by weight gain can be treated by achieving a healthy weight.  Consult a pharmacist and start taking a multivitamin.  Get back on track with proper eating and with taking up a form of physical activity that helps you destress (examples: university sports, community dance classes, etc.)  If, despite making these changes, your problems do not resolve, you will have to visit the doctor’s office.

Dr.Amitha Jocie Mundenchira

Family Physician ,Canada

Dr Amitha New


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