YOUTH CAMP-2016 By-Kerala Hindus of North America (KHNA)

Kerala Hindus of North America (KHNA) in partnership with Chinmaya Mission, Art of Living, HSS Canada and Narayana Philosophical Society Canada presents Kerala Hindu Heritage Youth camp – “Mind Your Dharma” in the Greater Toronto Area. The camp features some of the most knowledgeable and experienced Hindu Youth Leaders, Acharyas and Role Models in North America.


Have you ever wondered:  

  • What it means to be a Hindu ?
  • What does Dharma mean ?
  • What does my identity as a Hindu mean ?
  • Who am I and what is the purpose of this life ?
  • Why should I engage in the practice of Hinduism ?
  • How does this practice help self-development and growth ?
  • What has been the contribution of Kerala to Hinduism ?
  • Is Hinduism really limited to rituals and caste, as certain quarters portray it ?
  • How can I give back to the land of my parents ?

Ever had any other questions that you have struggled with when questioned about your Hindu Identity and traditions ? If yes – bring these questions to this camp and seek answers from our Q&A panel of leading young Hindu Acharyas and North American born practitioners of Dharma, who have dedicated their lives to studying, spreading this knowledge especially among the youth, transforming lives. Make the start to a journey of self-development and exploring answers to all of these – through knowledge, contemplation, logic and practical applications. So come know yourself and the timeless precious assets you have inherited from your ancestors.

When: 15th May 2015, Sunday, 9:00am to 4:00pm Where: Philip Pocock Catholic Secondary School, 4555 Tomken Road, Mississauga, ON Who: Age 12+, High School Youth & University Youth What: Yoga, Games, Processes, Presentations, Discussions, Q&A Panel. Cost: CAD $35 per camper (includes lunch and snacks)

Limited spots only for quality reasons, and will be accepted on first come, first serve basis if all the eligibility criteria are met and registration complete. Deadline for registration is May 9th 2015


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